About TABInsights

TABInsights is the global research and consulting subsidiary of TAB Global, the parent company of The Asian Banker, Wealth and Society and other leading platforms. We have a team of in house researchers as well as a panel of industry experts who participate in our consulting assignments as advisors to add the depth and practical expertise required to advise leading corporations on very specific topics.

TABInsights publishes a wide range of primary country data as well as research insights on economic, banking and finance as well as impact investment topics for foundations and philanthropists. These data and insights also form the basis of our consulting assignments to provide the hard numbers required to support any advice.

We also provide consulting services to banks, corporations, sovereign and hedge funds as well as ultra-high network individuals on a wide range of bespoke topics including technology vendor selection, digital strategies and other operational targets using internal and industry experts.

Our full range of research and consulting products are as listed in our products page.

Please visit our website or contact us at research@tab.global to discuss your organisation’s specific research and consulting needs in the areas of our expertise.

Global researchers, consultants and industry subject-matter experts
Offices in the region, HQ in Singapore and serving global clients
Established under TAB Global Pte Ltd (aka The Asian Banker International previously)
Include leading 500 global banks, domestic and emerging financial institutions and technology firms
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